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Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

As a growing business, we understand that our impact on a wider group of stakeholders and the environment is evolving. Despite being a small company, Foxwell Brown Ltd recognises the importance of fostering ties with the community.

Organisational Values

We understand that we have a responsibility to our employees and prospective employees to be in an environment that is:

  • safe
  • supportive
  • non-discriminatory on any grounds
  • able to carry out ethical business

We have an internal diversity policy as well as standard procedures for health and safety.

We strive to provide Clients and candidates with the highest level of service:

  • Thoroughly understanding individual needs
  • Each client and candidate given complete attention
  • Full transparency and feedback in the process
  • Be a value-adding service as opposed to a cost
  • Monitor performance and regulatory compliance comprehensively

We adhere to high levels of business service ethics, valuing the long-lasting relationships we create with our clients and candidates.


We attempt to minimise impact of our carbon footprint in a number of ways:

  • Continuing consultation and engagement with environmental bodies on how to reduce impact
  • Electronic copies of documents encouraged over printed copies
  • Directing more of our advertising budget towards online media, discouraging printed materials
  • Direct mail promotions are now fully electronic.
  • All paper and plastics are recycled after they have been used for their required purposes
  • Energy saving measures in place to minimise unnecessary electricity usage - such as at night and at times of inactivity
  • Implementing fully electronic invoicing procedures with our clients

We strive to continually improve our policy on the environment, and are currently investigating further ways to improve our environmental impact.



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