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Environmental Purchasing Policy

Overall aim

This policy describes the environmental principles within which Foxwell Brown Ltd will conduct purchasing. It supports the implementation of our environmental policy, ethical trading statement and CSR policy.  It underlines our adherence to the Mayor of London’s Green Procurement Code.

The aim of this policy is to ensure that goods and services purchased for Foxwell Brown Ltd are manufactured, delivered, used and managed at end-of-life in an environmentally responsible manner.

The policy

We are committed to improving the environmental performance of our supply chain. Company purchasing activity purchasing will contribute to Foxwell Brown Ltd environmental objectives and to the attainment of minimum standards of environmental performance.


All organisations are encouraged to improve their environmental performance through the achievement of a number of environmental objectives and targets. This includes objectives for managing the environmental impacts arising from purchasing and supply activity.  .

Foxwell Brown Ltd is tackling these objectives through the implementation of its own Environmental Policy. This ensures that all purchasing activity undertaken by us  will meet minimum environmental standards, and help to ensure compliance with relevant controls assurance standards.

Key Issues

The key issues addressed by this policy are:

  • the need for our purchasing activity support our environmental objectives
  • the need to improve the environmental performance of our supply chain.

Key policy principles

To address these issues, the following principles will apply to Foxwell Brown’s purchasing activity:

  • All purchasing activity will comply with EU rules and domestic policy governing public procurement, and will be based on the achievement of value for money to ensure that waste in the supply chain is minimised.
  • All invitations to tender will include appropriate environmental requirements, as outlined in our  environmental purchasing procedures.
  • Tender evaluations will use whole-life costs, where applicable, to assess the environmental costs over the life of the products/services offered.
  • Suppliers and relevant trade associations will be made aware of the our environmental policy and relevant objectives and targets.
  • Contracts managed by us will meet appropriate standards of environmental performance.


The policy will be implemented through appropriate training and purchasing procedures.

Environmental appraisal

An environmental appraisal of this policy has been undertaken. The outcome of the appraisal is that implementation of this policy will produce a number of benefits (i.e. positive environmental impacts and a positive effect on the achievement of environmental targets).

Evaluation and review

The policy will be evaluated and reviewed on an ongoing basis to ensure it is dealing with the issues it was designed to address.

The success of the policy will be evaluated by a number of measures including:

  • Progress towards compliance with the environmental objectives.
  • The number of related non-conformances arising from internal and external audit processes.
  • Performance measurement of related Corporate and Business Plan objectives.


This policy has been developed in consultation with a wide range of key stakeholders.


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